My Approach

I work slowly and deliberately, unraveling layers of stress and encouraging the body back into a state of relaxation – the state in which the body heals best. My goal is to listen to what you and your body have to say so that you feel safe and supported in coming home to your body.

My bodywork reflects both my training and continued learning as I weave elements of deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, myofacial-release technique, Shoshin Shiatsu, reflexology, and energy work throughout my sessions. Believing in the body’s powerful ability to heal itself when given the opportunity, I strive to create a supportive and relaxing experience while addressing your unique and personal needs.

If you receive a massage from me you can expect:

  • A deep, detailed, and thorough massage
  • Special attention given to painful or tight areas of the body
  • Relaxing tension relief
  • A restoration of overall balance in the body

I am committed to you leaving the session feeling listened to, deeply relaxed, and connected to your body.

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