Massage Offerings

The time scheduled is the total amount of time spent on the table. Extra time is built in pre and post massage to discuss your needs and health goals and how we can best work together to address them.

$120 for 60 minutes*

$150 for 75 minutes

$180 for 90 minutes

$240 for 120 minutes

*60-minute sessions are geared towards addressing one main issue or area of the body.


I offer one 3 package option.  You can buy a 3 pack of either 75-, 90-, or 2 hour massages at 12% off each massage.  The 3 pack must be paid in full and used within 3 months.  If you are unable to use all three massages within that time frame you may gift one of them to another person.  This package is for clients who want to fold massage into their regular regimen of self-care and/or need a little incentive to stay on track. Prices of the packages are listed below:


3 pack of 2 hour massages: $634
(save $86)
3 pack of 90 minute massages: $475 (save $65)
3 pack of 75 minute massages: $396 (save 54)


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