I received bodywork from Teal for three years and found her to 
be the best therapist. From start to finish, she is knowledgeable, 
does detailed work, is very skilled, has amazing flow and deep work together, 
uses her hands a lot not just elbows and thumbs! I would 
give her 5 stars plus!!!!! 
Truly an exceptional therapist.

Ceil Embelton

Massage Therapist

As someone who has received bodywork regularly for the last 15 years, I can say without doubt that Teal Stamm is the best therapist. She has a deep understanding of the body, how to heal soreness and injury, as well as a wonderful flowing touch and calming energy. Together, these qualities combine to make treatments with Teal, relaxing, healing and truly therapeutic. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Rebecca Savage


Teal is a delight to deal with! She has a genuine sense of calm and peacefulness that transfers to those around her. She is deeply committed to doing an excellent job, and extremely competent at her work. 

Teal intuitively identifies the areas causing me discomfort, and without exception she manages to give me relief. I can say, unequivocally, that Teal has provided the finest massage therapy services that I have been fortunate to receive.

Laura Krupp

Interior Designer

Teal is amazing. She was so perceptive in helping figure out my son’s dietary issues, and his life is forever changed because of her insights. But she does more than that. Teal provides support for figuring out our everyday life with a new diet, from recipes to tips about healthy foods. She explained the complicated biology of celiac disease and gluten intolerance to my child in a way that made sense to him—and that motivated him to want to take control of his own diet. Since we worked with Teal, my son feels empowered to make choices that will give him a healthy body and keep him from feeling bad. I’ve never seen him take charge of his own health like that before, and it’s thanks to her fantastic work.

Stefanie Mollborn

Sociology Professor

Teal is a wonderful massage therapist. My husband and I have been seeing her on a regular basis for years and we both can’t imagine life without Teal. She is caring and very good at asking about your needs for each session. My husband and I have quite different preferences and Teal is able to meet each of us where we are. I cannot recommend her highly enough—she is a gem!!

Sarah Lynch

For many years, I have struggled with back issues as the result of a career spent doing heavy lifting and working long hours. I have often seen a chiropractor and supplemented my treatments with monthly massages.  Since I was introduced to Teal Stamm through my chiropractor, my back is better than it has been in years. I have needed fewer visits to the chiropractor. I highly recommend Teal as a massage therapist. She is truly a healer. She also has given me excellent advice regarding nutritional changes. She is the BEST massage therapist I have ever had.

Jan Thornley

TV Audio Engineer

I cannot sing Teal’s praises enough! As a massage therapist, I am very particular about the bodywork that I receive and am so grateful I found Teal. Warm and professional, she attended to all of my needs with thoughtful technique. Her intuition about the body is spot-on and her presence is truly gracious.

Jeri Orling

Massage Therapist

Teal is the person who first discovered that I had a gluten allergy. She helped me a lot with finding tasty gluten-free foods, and she helped me understand what was happening with my body. And now I feel much better. I’m perkier, nicer, and in general much better. All of this wouldn’t have happened if Teal hadn’t figured it out.

Simon Mollborn

I have received massage work from Teal over several years and she is by far the most skilled massage therapist I have worked with. A massage from Teal is a wonderful experience! She is exceptionally talented in working muscles to relax and loosen any tightness. She applies pressure without any pain, intuitively knowing how to do the bodywork in a gentle and effective manner. I have an athletic background, and Teal works the muscles I need to prevent and address sports injuries. Teal communicates openly as needed, ensuring comfort for the pressure applied, temperature, and any other factors to contribute to a positive experience. I always look forward to receiving bodywork from Teal.

Lilly Hansing


What a wonderful practitioner and person! I am working with Teal on women’s health issues. I have very painful menstrual cycles. She has been vital to my healing process. She is thoughtful, calming, gentle and kind. She addresses health concerns at the root.  I would highly recommend her to my family – and I have. Everyone is different and she understands that. Teal spends time with you and makes sure you get what you need. She teaches and encourages grounding practices and exercises that we can do at home, which I find empowering. There is no rush, high quality care, powerful relaxation, and healing. I couldn’t recommend her more!

Amelia Hoffman

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