This summer I have been apprenticing under the amazing Naomi Love, medicine woman, massage therapist, healer, and teacher.  I have been learning earth centered healing as well as wise womb massage (based on the Mayan Abdominal Massage technique) – a form of body work that supports fertility, the reproductive system, a healthy digestive system, and a greater connection to our center of creativity.

I have been receiving, practicing, and giving this work over the past 3-months and have experienced its wonderful benefits!

As many of you know, I have had a long struggle with Lyme disease and its related symptoms for quite some time (even before its diagnosis in 2013).  With the support of my health care team, consistent self-care, specific changes to my diet, and ongoing emotional and spiritual work, I consider myself pretty much healed and have been feeling quite well over the last 14 months or so. However, there were certain aspects of my health that did not completely recover after my journey with Lyme disease.  I still struggled with light and almost non-existent periods, hormonal imbalances, a low-libido, poor sleep, weak digestion, and feeling somewhat disconnected from a sense of creativity or inspiration.

Since starting the womb massage and earth centered healing back in May, I have experienced a relief in my chronic low back pain, decreased symptoms of PMS, healthier and more regular cycles, and an increased libido!  I feel reconnected to my creative center and feel as though I have emerged from a deep fog and somewhat depressed state. In reconnecting to my womb I have reclaimed my desirability, fertility, and excitement for the unknown.  I know it sounds wild, but we, as women, hold and store so much in this area of our bodies.  Bringing our attention and intention to the womb we are able to heal and awaken parts of ourselves that may have been shut down or numbed out by trauma – emotional or physical – for years. To understand more and learn about this work go here.

Starting in September, I will be offering digestive and reproductive wellness massage sessions based on the wise womb massage and earth centered healing I learned this summer.  These sessions will include deep abdominal massage, application to specific acupressure points on the body and reflexology points on the feet that support healthy reproductive and digestive function, and the magic of plant medicine.  Depending on the level of openness or comfort of the receiver, these sessions may also include breast massage, guided breath work and movement, and homework between sessions to maintain the progress made during sessions.  There will also be time dedicated during each session to discuss nutritional or lifestyle support.

Each session will last 2 hours including a check-in before and after the time spent on the table.

During the remainder of 2016, I will be offering these sessions at the reduced rate of $110 per session (a value of $170) as I am still deepening my knowledge and skill set of this life changing work.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a session with me in September!

Lots of Love,